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Informed Consent

I do hereby voluntarily consent to receive mental health or well-being services through Beacon in the form of counseling, psychotherapy, or well-being consultation. 


In accepting this consent, I am expressing understanding and commitment to the following:


Undergoing sessions with an independent consultant. I understand that our sessions will be outside Beacon’s jurisdiction; therefore, I shall not hold the latter liable for the outcome of my sessions as well as the therapeutic relationship between me and my consultant.   


Participating in the development of my treatment plan and complying to my schedule/appointments. I likewise understand that I may terminate the mental health services provided at any time.


Making my Personal Data available to Beacon, its affiliates, related entities and partners. I understand that my Personal Data will be processed for the main purpose of Beacon’s service delivery to me. Other secondary purposes may include training, research, education, as well as to generate data relevant to Beacon’s operations, for which my Personal Data will be anonymized prior to any release to the public. 


Non-issuance of any certification or clinical records that will be used as evidence in court or in any legal purpose as I understand that the results of this consultation will be used solely for the management of my condition.                                                  


I have read and understood the contents before accepting it.

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