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We empower families through integrated, accessible, and affordable mental health care.

  • Day 1: Welcome & Introduction
    Step into Day 1 of our nurturing journey into motherhood, where we delve into the vital conversation about self-discovery and mental well-being. Explore the significance of carving out "me time" amidst the whirlwind of motherhood, and discover the support and camaraderie awaiting you in our private online community. Embrace this moment to prioritize your own needs and embark on a transformative path towards holistic well-being
  • Day 2: Understanding Postpartum Emotions & The Power of Self-Compassion
    Explore the postpartum emotional rollercoaster and harness the transformative power of self-compassion in motherhood. Discover coping strategies tailored to your journey and celebrate your body's resilience through self-love and gratitude. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment.
  • Day 3: Overcoming the Baby Blues & Noticing Red Flags for Postpartum Depression
    Gain insight into distinguishing between baby blues and postpartum depression, recognizing red flags, and practicing self-care during this crucial period of motherhood. Reflect on your needs and seek support as you navigate the complexities of maternal emotions, ensuring your well-being and that of your baby.
  • Day 4: Mindful Motherhood & Rediscovering Your Identity
    Explore the concept of matrescence and the profound identity shift from maiden to motherhood, embracing mixed feelings and surrendering expectations. Learn to stay present, seek support, and make decisions based on your own reality, empowering yourself on the journey of rediscovery and self-acceptance.
  • Day 5: Reconnecting with Nature & Finding Joy in Everyday Moments
    Discover the profound impact of nature on well-being and explore simple ways to reconnect with it in your everyday life. Learn how fresh air and sunlight can enhance mental clarity and boost mood, encouraging you to step outside and engage your senses. Embrace gratitude as you immerse yourself in the present moment and find joy in the beauty of nature surrounding you.
  • Day 6: Sleep, Movement, and Nutrition
    Dive into essential strategies for postpartum well-being, from prioritizing quality sleep to optimizing nutrition. Learn how effective sleep hygiene practices and dietary choices can enhance energy levels and mood, empowering postpartum mothers to navigate the challenges of motherhood with vitality and resilience.
  • Day 7: Setting Realistic Expectations & Managing Stress
    Explore the concept of setting realistic expectations and managing stress in the journey of motherhood through the plate analogy. Reflect on the changing contents of your life's "plate" as you transition into the season of matrescence, considering what adjustments are needed for balance and well-being. Gain insights into prioritizing and managing various aspects of life to navigate motherhood with resilience and fulfillment.
  • Day 8: Strengthening Relationships Post-Baby & Establishing a Support System
    Discover strategies for strengthening relationships post-baby and establishing a vital support system. Differentiate between connecting and disconnecting habits while utilizing magic questions to nurture healthy interactions. Explore the concept of building your village and find support through platforms like the Beacon support group, fostering connection and resilience in the journey of motherhood.
  • Day 9: Connecting with Your Baby & Embracing Imperfect Parenting
    Explore various ways for postpartum mothers to bond with their babies and embrace imperfect parenting. Learn about the importance of skin-to-skin contact, breastfeeding, and engaging activities like singing and playing in fostering a strong bond. Discover practical tips for incorporating playtime into the postpartum period, promoting both baby's development and the mother's connection with her baby.
  • Day 10: Rediscovering Intimacy & Healthy Communication
    Discover tips for postpartum couples to reconnect and communicate effectively, navigating the sensitive journey of rediscovering intimacy. Prioritize open communication, patience, and self-care, while exploring new ways to connect emotionally and physically in the transformative phase of parenthood.
  • Day 11: Financial Wellness & Going Back to Work Post-Baby
    Explore practical steps for achieving financial wellness and transitioning back to work after having a baby. Learn how to update your budget, automate savings, and maximize benefits while researching affordable childcare options and reviewing insurance coverage. Prioritize self-care to ensure overall well-being and financial stability during this transformative period.
  • Day 12: Building a Long-term Well-being Plan
    Reflect on the essence of well-being as a dynamic state, acknowledging the fluctuations in mood and energy levels. Embrace flexibility and grit as you recalibrate your long-term well-being plan, considering the topics, statements, and words that resonated with you from the past 11 days. Take a moment to identify your current needs and priorities, nurturing your holistic well-being and resilience for the journey ahead.
  • Day 13: Affirmations Reflection
    Immerse yourself in a moment of reflection and affirmation, nurturing your spirit and acknowledging the strength within as you navigate parenthood. Embrace powerful affirmations centered on embracing change, nurturing yourself, trusting your instincts, creating a loving home, and finding joy in small moments. With each affirmation, cultivate a sense of love, patience, and confidence in your journey as a parent, knowing that you are enough.
  • Day 14: The Growth Mindset & The Power of Yet
    As the course concludes, explore the transformative concept of the growth mindset and the power of "yet". Learn about the distinction between fixed and growth mindsets, recognizing the limitless potential for skill expansion and personal development. Embrace the idea of being a work in progress, allowing yourself the grace to navigate the challenges of motherhood with self-compassion and the belief that growth is always possible.

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